Light & Strong

We can add style to that too

Light gauge steel building offers a vast range of benefits when compared with conventional building or other framing materials, in terms of quality, cost, durability and the rapid speed of construction. Typically lighter and thinner than hot rolled steel or lumber, light guage steel is ideal for a wide variety of commercial and institutional buildings.

light-x-640Cutting Edge Technology

Dover’s versatile Light Guage Steel Framing is key achieving our clients expectations. Our in house design and manufacturing capability has over 50 years of steel frame construction experience anongst the team and have developed ground breaking steel frame prefabrication
processes that incorporates bespoke design, on-site or off-site manufacturing and fastrack construction. Our cold roll formed steel sections are produced by inovative Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) machines that can be mobilized to the construction site in their own bespoke shipping containers significantly reducing typical transportation costs.

Dover’s light gauge steel framing enables us to deliver to a wide range of markets including military, mining, oil and gas camp construction and large scale affordable housing schemes in the toughest of locations. Using the same machinery we can innovatively produce from single or multi story office and residential buildings, to clear span (up to 25 meter) warehouses all manufactured and fabricated on-site with our mobile factories.