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Cellular ConcreteThe combination of light steel framing (LSF) with cellular concrete provides many benefits to the end-user. LSF allows for faster and more economic construction, and provides greater control over quality. The addition of cellular concrete adds the benefits of increased strength and greater thermal insulation, sound attenuation, and fire resistance properties.

A typical wall panel combining LSF with foam concrete, through the composite action of the two materials, allows for vertical loads of up to 300 kN/m and lateral loads as high as 100 kN. A similar wall panel assembled solely of LSF would have load carry capacities of 200 kN/m and 80 kN respectively. Project specific designs for wall panels can be developed combining different LSF profiles (width), gauge (thicknesses) and tensile strength based on project requirements to increase the load carrying capacities even higher. While the improved thermal insulation, sound attenuation, and fire resistance properties of the combined panels make them applicable to single story structures, the improved strength also makes them suitable for multi-storey construction projects.

Our innovative system approach to cellular concrete and light steel framing can either be delivered in pre-cast panels or cast in situ on the site depending on client requirements.