Difficult, yes impossible?

Not for us. Not even close

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERADover Vantage is a design build firm specializing in expeditionary engineering and construction in austere and challenging locations. Dover Vantage’s international reach includes the delivery of critical infrastructure schemes that provide roads, power, water and sewerage systems to support custom designed light gauge steel framed industrial, commercial and residential buildings. Our delivery of projects across the Middle East, Africa and Central Asia requires a driven and ‘can do’ philosophy, and we have a rich history of delivering quality projects in the toughest of environments against aggressive time constraints.

Focusing on our core market sectors of Government and Defense, Oil and Gas, Humanatarian Assistance and Affordable housing we have built our reputation on our ability to provide custom designed structural systems, turn-key construction, and innovative resourcing solutions in the most remote environments and adverse constraints. Our activities are client orientated, using building techniques that are typically twice as fast as traditional building methods, we actively strive to provide ethical, responsible, timely and cost effective products at all times.