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Engineering Manager

A Design Manager to work in the Dubai office running an engineering team developing large housing and Infrastructure projects in the Africa, Europe, Scandinavia and North America, using new construction technologies and processes.

Education and Experience requirements:
  • Must have Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering (Construction Related) preferably chartered
  • 15 years working experience of which 5 years outside in UK.
  • Min 5 years running an engineering/design department
  • Must have a good knowledge of proposal writing, estimation, and survey requirements.
  • Excellent knowledge of design and 3D modeling software
  • Previous experience with Primavera P6.
  • Experience with LGS and/or new concrete technologies are a bonus.
  The position will require the following duties:
  • Assisting in the preparation RFPs and participating in the BD process.
  • Responding to questions and queries raised during the tender period
  • Reviewing proposals, evaluating content and offer, prepare detailed reports and make recommendations management review.
  • Monitoring the performance of all architectural and engineering assets for work related to project, emphasizing on-time and on-budget performance and monitoring compliance with design and ISO guidelines. Monitoring the development of the overall design process from conceptual design through schematic and detailed / contract documents.
  • Performing design reviews throughout the design process from conceptual design through schematic and detailed/contract documents.
  • Reviewing the design cost estimates and conduct ongoing constructability reviews to successfully meet the schedules and program budgets.
  • Monitoring submittals to obtain approvals and permits necessary by all regulatory agencies and local authorities having jurisdiction.
  • Implementing design to budget requirement in all appropriate RFP’s and contracts for design services. Monitoring compliance with design to budget standards.
  • Promptly informing in writing of any event or situation that the likely effect of which would be to vary the scope of the program; and or change its quality, content or function.
  • Scheduling the submission of the design, in stages if appropriate, .
  • Scheduling the design activities in the master schedule.
  • Monitoring the dissemination of design information among the Management and Project Teams in a timely manner, to avoid delays and abortive works.
  • Monitoring the performance of the design team in respect of the deliverables associated with the agreed design program and provide immediate advice to Management in the event their progress may affect the program overall completion date or milestone objectives together with recommended remedial action.
  • Monitoring statutory authority approval processes. Preparing a standard NOC (no objection certificates) register to be prepared and updated by all consultants and contractors.
  • Scheduling the design to allow reasonable periods for client approvals, any municipality permits, NOC’s and other statutory approvals.