Do it right or do it twice

We choose to do it right

epcDover Vantage specialises in Fast-track construction processes and systems that provide timely and cost effective solutions for our clients. Our use of innovative technology enables us to reduce material and logistic costs whilst decreasing project schedule lengths and overhead costs. In particular our use of Light Guage Steel Framing has enabled us to develop an impressive on-site manufacturing and fabrication processes ideally suited for production of expeditionary camps for Military, Mining and Oil and Gas. The revolusionary use of on-site mobile factories that can produce anything from single or multi story office and residential buildings, to large span warehouses and deploy within days anywhere in the world is key to solving clients time constraints.

We believe that well designed infrastructure is key to any project, whether it be an expeditionary military camp or a social housing project. Providing sustainable, quality infrastructure is critical for the remote environments we operate in where there is little to nothing in existence. We provide all services for the establishment and life support of a camp or project including site preparation, roads (gravel and asphalt), water and sewerage, power and any operational maintenance facilities required.