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Dover Vantage awarded new Liberian project by NavFac

Dover Vantage confirms award for demolition and refurbishing of a boat ramp for the Liberian Coast Guard. The project is located at the same site of the recently completed Liberian Boat House.

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Dover Vantage’s Liberian Boat House launch Highlighted in local press

Dover Vantage’s latest Liberian project highlighted in the local paper after launch by US Ambassador. This project is being completed by Dover’s latest award for a boat ramp at the same faciltiy. US GOV’T DONATES US$2.2M EQUIPMENT, FACILITIES TO COAST GUARD       

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Runway extension VO awarded for Mauritania

Dover Vantage awarded an extension to recently completed Bassikounou runway. The extension will add an additional 300 metres to the new runway joining enabling greater capacity to provide flights into the remote location to service the WFP and surrounding Refugee Camps.                      

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Dover Vantage extends work in Lome,Togo with 2 USACE Humanitarian Assistance Project Awards

Dover Vantage will maintain it’s presence in Lome, Togo with 2 new USCAE HA projects. The new projects include refurbishing of a maternity clinic, a specialized school for the deaf and a laboratory.

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Dover Vantage awarded design-build hanger facility Agadez, Niger

Dover Vantage awarded new USACE project in Agadez, Niger to design and build a turnkey Cessna 208 aircraft hanger facility.

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